Website Support & Maintenance

VineBUZZ Web supports many websites, some that we’ve built, some that we did not.

If your site is in WordPress, we can take care of it!

Technical Support

For a fee of $200.00 per year, we will:

  • Ensure that your site has a weekly back-up to Amazon S3 so that it can be restored, should it be necessary.
  • Do an about-quarterly login and checkup to be sure those backups are running, 
  • Keep the WordPress installation and plugins up to date.

This consistent attention to detail ensures that your website will remain technically up to date and secure. Don’t leave your site’s safety up to chance – put VineBUZZ Web on the job.

General Maintenance

For a fee of $85/hour, we can make necessary edits to your WordPress website. This includes updates to the site’s technical components, edits to the structure, and more.

We’ve taken on support of existing sites with great success, so if you’re looking for someone to take care of your WordPress site… we’d be happy to assist.

Content Updates

For $65.00 per hour, we will update your existing content, or create new content for you that accurately describes your business to your audience and that ‘talks to’ Google to help get you found in searches.