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Agency Web Development Case Study: Sign2Day Power Wash Sites

Our friend and colleague, Tim Fields, is the owner of both Sign2Day and Complete Power Wash, two successful companies in the Hagerstown, MD area.

Tim identified the need for his fellow power wash companies to have an affordable, quality, fully-featured website option for their businesses.

Working together, we’ve created a site template that can be customized to fit the needs of these clients. The core template site is found at Basic Pro Wash. We’ve cloned and customized this site for several clients, replacing their branding, colors, tweaking the content completely to match the client’s services and demographics, and doing keyword and SEO optimization for those services. This cloning process allowed us to create an extremely well-built source website that can be customized at an economical price for each client.

The new websites have fully met the needs of the clients, and we’re looking forward to producing many more sites as we progress. We are now providing custom-developed websites for clients whose needs exceed the basic website.

VineBUZZ Web is pleased to provide agency web development for the following partners.