Does your online identity need color and personality?

Need a hand achieving a recognizable look that reflects your company’s style on your website and social media presences?

Let VineBUZZ Web add that color and put a spotlight on your business with effective business branding.

Beyond the Logo

Is business branding just a logo? Not at all!

It’s far more. Your branding is an expression of your – or your company’s – personality. It must be consistent in all elements across all platforms. Social Media. Business cards. Printed materials. It’s about having a look that conveys who you are, and through which your clients can recognize you.

It’s much more than that. Business branding is about more than just an image that can serve as your identifying mark. It’s about creating an entire look and feel that represents your business.


Let VineBUZZ Web work with you to design the fresh, updated look that will get you noticed, and add new life to your business’s presence.

Samples of VineBUZZ Web Logos

Our design partners are top-notch, and can create the artwork that serves as the basis for your branding. What can we design for YOU?