Kathy Y. is a bed and breakfast owner in Fairplay, Maryland.  Her lovely Rose Cottage Suites was in need of a website to help her have an online presence that was independent of her reservation site.  She had set up a reservation system on BedandBreakfast.com, but needed something more to show the beauty of the property, her available rooms, and about herself and her passion for inn-keeping.

VineBUZZ created a lovely new website utilizing imagery that a photographer had taken of her cottage and the rooms.

We provided links out to her reservation system – moved to BedandBreakfast.com several months after launch – so that interested folks can easily book their stay.

Initially, Kathy didn’t have a logo, so we put together a place holder image.  Later, she engaged our design partner to design her first official logo, an exciting step in her branding. Since the new logo didn’t work with the initial background we’d used, we went back and did some recoloring on the site to make the most of the colorful new image. WordPress is flexible and allows you to easily update your branding when needed.

The site is driving clients to make reservations, and will provide a good ‘home base’ online for her business for years to come.