Renee Lewis of the Pensare Group needed a stand-alone website to host training content for her clients. We created this website that looks like a basic landing page… until the user logs in. This site is actually incredibly feature-rich ‘under the covers’.

  • We added functionality to provide user access management that would restrict the specific pages of the website based upon membership in a user group (there being user groups for each company for whom Renee does training).
  • Users are provided with a unique login that allows them to log in. Once they do, they will see several pages of content in support the training program that Pensare is doing with them.
  • We themed the login to make it attractive for the users.
  • There is a file management product that allows us to categorize files and make them available by user group.
  • And more!

This site is allowing Renee to offer training materials to her clients in a secure manner, and serve it up through her website. The features become evident once the user logs in and sees their personal client area.