Sean Meehan is a successful lawn-care provider in Hagerstown, Maryland, who needed a new website. His older site was hosted with a popular company that provides ‘inexpensive websites’, coupled with a high monthly fee for hosting and maintenance. It was no longer the best economic choice to stay with that company, so he was looking for someone to guide him through setting up an independently-hosted website with better controlled costs.

After creating an analysis comparing the cost of his current hosting situation to building a new site on another hosting service, he decided to move forward with the build.

We worked with Sean to find affordable & reliable hosting, to gain ownership of his domain (as the hosting company held the registration for, and to build the new website to showcase his services. We even visited him in the field to take pictures of Sean and his van for the home page, and set up a new Google Voice account so the he could remove his personal cell phone number from the website (for better security).

The result is a site that complements his existing logo, showcases real photos of his work and equipment, and demonstrates the results of his services. Not only did we provide a new site that can grow with his business, but he was able to recoup the cost of the new website in just the first year of moving away from that more expensive hosting plan.