VineBUZZ Web was excited to engage in the website development for the Jefferson County, WV Health Department. This project was large!! Their older website was an HTML one that wasn’t easy for the staff to manage, so they needed a highly-functional, easy to navigate, easy to update website. They’ve been very happy with the product and have been managing the updates on their own since their training at launch.

The following are just some of the features we included.

  • News alerts to which residents of Jefferson County can subscribe to learn about health updates in our area;
  • An extensive document library with key resources needed by the community;
  • A calendar for when health services such as tests and shots can be obtained;
  • A ‘How Do I?’ feature that presents the most-often-used services, with links to that resource on the website;
  • And more!

The site receives over 200 visits per day for assistance with Health matters in the community, and is serving the audience beautifully.